Georgia Cottington


Greyfield is a social project that utilises unused spaces by realising their potential as cultural and social infrastructure. This has taken form in a partnership working with the community of West Kensington and Gibbs Green estates to develop a community arts committee and artist residency program in their empty garages.

The People's Quilt

Born out of a frustration with the lack of long term, mutually beneficial ways that students can work with communities within higher education. The project used the physical process of making as an attempt to forge this kind of partnership in all its messy, slow glory. This subsequently became the first exploration in my now ongoing research into institution/student/community relationships within design education.

Protest by Proxy

In collaboration with designer Elliot Lunn and exhibited at Milan Design Week 2019,

as part of the Royal College of Art DP show at Base Milano.

A critical design object which facilitates protesting remotely as a critique of the disparity of protest in the world. A commentary on the difference between UK protests where people can participate without fear of the consequences, unlike many other places world. The work revolves around the act of throwing objects as a starting point for discussion about the right to protest safely.


The Waiting Room

Design proposal for CAMHS in Hounslow.  Exploring how furniture can aid peer to peer support groups and how to use the redistribution of existing community services and activities as provision for young people during the excessively long wait times (up to 18 months) for clinical treatment from initial referral. Encouraging a greater understanding of young people's feelings and the ability to self identify coping strategies.


Future Weaving

Commission for the Barbican Openfest 2018. An interactive installation, built and designed in collaboration with Naomi Howell-Sivosh, using weaving as a vehicle to engage the public in creating a giant woven infographic exploring what the public wanted from the future of "the arts" and what arts organisations like the Barbican need to change.


Boom House- Talking Stools

Designed and built a seating system for the BOOM HOUSE; a temporary space for debate, reflection and musing as part of the Basquiat Boom for Real exhibition at the Barbican Centre. In collaboration with the Barbican Youth Panel, a new initiative giving voice to 16-24 year olds.


Other Border Wall

A speculative proposal for Donald Trump's open call for the design of the U.S/Mexican Border. Inspired by the natural borders that occur in the world, it investigates how a border could be a place of exchange, shelter and tolerance promoting diversity at the edges, where things overlap. A playful, inflatable structure that contains places for people to meet and move across the border, celebrating the cross cultural exchange between the US & Mexico. A way of dividing space that doesn't divide people.


MenTILE Health

The Tile toilet project aimed to create a relaxed space to talk and share stories about mental health. Using the sanctuary and refuge of a bathroom as a vehicle for this, participants were encouraged to use the therapeutic act of painting a bathroom tile to share a copying mechanism; creating a shared library of experiences.

We then ran a workshop with a primary school, starting conversations about what can keep you happy at a young age. Their responses were made into a calming seating installation at IYAF festival.

Conflict Solving Table

A tool to help people resolve a conflict through creative problem solving. The table is made of two opposite halves that require the users to work as a team to find the solutions that forms the table in its most stable position.